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Mulut kata
“Aku okay”
Tapi sebenarnya hati kata.
“Aku sedih”

Mulut kata
“Aku kuat”
Tapi sebenarnya hati kata
“Aku lemah”

Mulut kata
“Aku dah lupa kan dia”
Tapi sebenarnya hati kata
“Masih susah untuk melupakan”

Itu lah kita.
Yang sering ada sifat ego.
Ego untuk mengatakan kita sebenarnya lemah tanpa berbicara dengan si Dia.

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Everyone’s heartbroken nowadays, but I mean, we all just gotta move on.
What’s the point of reminiscing
when you know the person is no longer worth while;
when they’re no longer who they used to be? When their
heart is somewhere else? Do you think they still care for you,
still sit there thinking about you?
Because frankly, they don’t.
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A lil bit of motivation perharps…